How much value does good integration have?

Most Member organizations can save significant amounts by integrating the administrative systems so that the manual processes are reduced, and data is identical and valid.

The challenge is often that the existing IT systems are older and therefore not suitable to integrate without it entailing large costs for the development and maintenance of “bridges” between the systems.

Connect your organization with CAMP 365

CAMP 365 is a fully integrated cloud-based association solution that provides better visibility, less management and maximum data and operation security.

A cloud solution gives you access to your updated data, whether it is from the office, home office, tablet or mobile phone.

CAMP 365 handles all the organization’s administrative processes:

  • Management reporting
  • Casework
  • Self-Service
  • Administration
  • Communication

The integration between the systems means, among other things, that data is only in one place:

When users draw or update data, it happens in the same database, so you avoid double registration and have easier to comply with the Personal Data Act.

In addition to CAMP 365 you can choose from a wide range of additional modules such as:

  • Access for local associations
  • Management of events,
  • Fundraising and campaigns,
  • Committees and boards.

By integrating CAMP 365 with your organization’s website, you can offer self-service for members, committee members, and access for other external users / local community etc.

Through CAMP’s web services you can develop a customized layout for integrating the member system with the website or you can choose CAMP’s finished websites that appear as part of the existing website.

Flexible concept adapted to changes

CAMP 365 is continuously updated in relation to legislation, IT development and professional development in the association area, so you always have the latest functionality available.

You only pay for consumption and needs. The monthly subscriptions are determined by the number of users and selected features.